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Facebook is now the most popular social networking web site today. It has over 62 million active members as well as is still continuing to grow to this day. Since Facebook produces a great deal of website traffic daily with millions of people either visiting or out or signing up for new accounts, it has currently expanded to be among the finest locations to market items as well as services.
The main reason that Facebook ads are so appealing to small business in south west Florida, is that you can get instant results. You can get your product or service in front of people on the same day as you start your ads. However, if you don't know what you are doing, if can be like setting a stack of cash on the dashboard of your convertible.  

Types of Facebook Ads

Two Groups of People running Facebook Ads

There are 2 groups of people that use Facebook ads, those who know how to set up high converting ads or hire someone to do it for them and those who see others successfully using it and then just throw money into campaigns that accomplish little more than frustration.  And to be fair, some people on rare occasion, get lucky.

Generally, the Facebook Advertisements is a pay each click program used to online marketers in Facebook. The wonderful thing about Facebook Ads is that it is very budget-friendly compared to other advertising platforms, such as Google Adwords.

Even if you have a tiny budget, you can try out your advertising campaigns in order to understand what is likely to convert and what ads didn't work,  Facebook Advertisements is an amazing opportunity to run tests cheaply.  It is even possible to hire out the management of your ads to a Facebook Ads professional.  If you take this route, you pay more upfront, but have a much better chance of getting profitable results. 
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Who is FB Rocket For?

  • Realtors
  • Restaurants
  • Small Businesses
  • Insurance
  • Service Providers
  • Sales Teams
  • Trainers
  • Artists
  • Musicians
  • Coach


This package is perfect for beginners, or freelancers of all types. It’s just right for exploring your potential.


Per Week
60% Ad spend


If you know your needs, then this is the package for you. Create a steady flow of new lead.  Sit back and watch your business grow. 


Per Week
65% Ad spend


Our best and most comprehensive package, this is the perfect plan for aggressive marketing campaigns. 


Per Week
70% Ad spend
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