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The Smartest Solution For Your Church Website

Our website builder is easy to use solution for your church website, its super easy to update, and includes a powerful marketing suite of tools to get your church's message out to your community. Your ministry will look great on every device and will load fast, giving your visitors an app-like on their phones and tablets.  
Our dashboard will make keeping your church members and staff in the loop a breeze with integrated email marketing tools. Send updates to your congregation with just a few clicks.  Google calendar integration makes it easy to get your church engaged in ministry and training opportunities.  
Google Helps Your Ministry
Our powerful blogging tools allow you to provide answers to life's tough issues to the those in your community that need Christ's love. Youth groups leaders and pastors will love having control of dedicated pages to meet the needs of this vital ministry of your church.  Prayer requests flow directly into the inboxes of your prayer team.  
Ease of Giving
Tithing and giving are easily connected to the which ever service you are currently using or we can set a new online giving service for you.  Giving is easily set up for mobile devices and tithing can be set up autopilot through recurring payments.
Media Outreach
All types of web media such as video, image galleries, blogs, and audio are all seamlessly integrated onto your website and optimized for mobile devices.   All of this is set up for you and makes your church website a powerful to for connection, training, ministry, and outreach.
Reach More
Turn on facebook adrocket and you have the potential to reach thousands of people instantly. This service provides ultra-specific targeting by location, interest, and many other factors.  In other words you can put your message in front of whoever you want. 
(do it yourself or done for you)
    Want to build your church website by yourself? We have the finest website builder on the market. It is an easy to use drag and drop builder with complete set of tutorial videos! Want to jump-start your project? We will build you custom site designed for churches (with all the features mentioned above) and then train you on maintaining it. This way your know that your site was built to optimize the online potential of your ministry!

Responsive Website Builder

Drag-and-drop all of the design elements of a church website quickly and easily. No matter the size or need of your ministry, we have features that will work for your church's website.  You can also customize the color, font and size, images, galleries, blog feeds, and many other featured widgets. We can even build you your own widget! Who else offers that?
Check out the video for a general overview of the embroco platform, and keep scrolling down the page to see more of our amazing features!

Embroco CMS Platform Features

Our platform gives our clients exactly what they need to dominate digital. It give you the competitive advantage and it is actually very easy to use.  Check out our tools below and if you need more convincing, check out our comparison chart page.
If you have any questions or need a custom solution, we'd love to help. Our platform and services are very flexible and our support is legendary.  The more we know about your needs the better we can serve you!

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Built In Analytics
No need to login to separate dashboard or webmaster tools.  Get free weekly reports!

Email Marketing Tools
 MailChimp & Constant Contact Integration and
Easy Custom Web form builder allows easy communication with your congregation. 

Custom Widgets 
We know that every church has different needs, we can build widgets from scratch to make updating your site a breeze.

Hire one of our designers to upgrade your church website 
We'll do it for you, for as low as $199!

Mobile Tithing and Giving
 Your tithing experience on every device size including recurring tithing options are easily integrated.

Import Content 
Your old Church Website or Facebook Page content imported into your dashboard with the click of a button!

Clone Website Elements
Copy and Paste parts of your website wherever you want.

Click To Call
 Make it easy for your potential visitors to reach you with a click.

Google Map Integration
Navigating to your church location has never been easier.

One of the Biggest Missed Opportunity of Churches

One of the worst failures of the modern Church has been the failure to engage with the mobile generation.
People turn to their smartphones for answers and google has grown to world dominance by delivering reliable search results.
When a person has a problem, they pull out their smart phone and say "OK Google" or "Siri" or "Hey Cortana" or "Alexa" and ask.

This is a huge missed opportunity for local ministries because, google now takes into consideration something that gives them an advantage:
Proximity. This means that if the person on a mobile device is near your church, you have a better chance of showing up.

But let's back up a bit to the year 2007 when something was released that changed the world forever.
On June 29th, 2007 apple introduced the iphone. 
Since then there has been a dramatic rise in loneliness, sleeplessness, depression, and suicide. 
And a decrease in young people going out, social interaction, dating, and even driving.

Teenage pregnancy even actually gone down because many young people actually don’t know how to meet new people and form meaningful relationships.

These stats were pulled from this lengthy article: Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

These are people are the mobile generation that in your city. And they are the next generation to lead our churches.

When google released its search algorithm change on April 15th of 2015 it was labelled Mobilegeddon. This release had a negative effect of websites that were not mobile friendly.
Many churches still do not have a website that is mobile friendly. This is tragic.

This leads to another huge missed opportunity. Another factor in a google search is proximity. In Other Words, a website that has an physical address near to the searcher on mobile device now has a better chance of showing up. 

Local businesses and marketing experts have been taking advantage of this. Sadly most local churches and ministries do not. 
Here is a simple way to look at how things work. When someone has a need or pain point or is just curious, what do they do? As a search engine.

If you have high quality original written content or video that answers that question, you have a good chance of being found.  
So what if you had pages about help for struggling marriages, hope for depression, help for teenage pregnancy, advice for abusive situations. And on top of that your ministry actually provided solutions for those in need. 

What would happen? Google would now be enlisted as a free partner to help grow your ministry!
If you would like to learn more about how you could expand the impact of your ministry to the mobile generation, we love to help. 

Fill out the form on this page or give us a call for a free consultation at 863-517-0615
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